Intention #1:
You have to focus on eating nutrient-dense, whole foods. Everything we eat becomes our blood, our cells, and our organs as they continually regenerate. It’s important to source organic as much as possible, grass-fed meats and eggs, locally grown produce, seasonal fruits, nuts, seeds and fatty fish. These are the foundations of health. Your focus is to find 20 recipes that you can keep in rotation every month. Make a list of your favorite chicken, beef, pork, poultry, game, fish, soups, vegetables and fruits you like. Pull out your cookbooks, favorite recipe websites or blogs and make a monthly meal plan. I have about 50 dishes on my list now that we rotate throughout the year.

Intention #2:
Create healthy habits that work with your routine. If you don’t have time for a morning workout, create several 10 minute slots throughout the day to move your body. Movement is critical every day. Do 10 squats, arm circles at your desk, stand while on the phone, park in the back of the parking lot or even fidgeting can burn calories and keep your lymphatic system moving throughout the day.

Intention #3: Rest.
If you are not sleeping 6-8 hours per night, you have to focus on getting quality and quantity sleep. Turn off electronics at night at least 30 minutes before bedtime, get electronics out of your bedroom (that includes your cell phone) as the EMF’s can increase cortisol and inhibit deep sleep. Use calming herbs like chamomile, lemon balm, valerian or ashwagandha to help you relax.

Intention #4:
Set intentions, not resolutions. Two friends are chatting about their health. The first one says, “I want to be healthy and feel great.” The second one says, “I intend to be healthy and feel great.” Which one do you think is going to get healthy and feel great? Yep – the one who intends it.
Wanting is simply wishing you can have or do a particular thing. Intending means you’re committed to achieving something by making a plan for success – and sticking to it!

The Fuel for Desired Results
The key to intention is action – try this to build your intention muscle:
• Get clear on what you want. Create a vision board by gathering images and words that pertain to your goal, and gluing them onto a poster board or bulletin board. Hang the collage in a spot where you’ll see it often (you can use Pinterest to create a digital vision board, but it won’t be front of mind).
• Do something to make your desire happen. Let’s say you want to eat four servings of vegetables a day. Your first action may be to go to a farmers’ market and purchase a few veggies you can slip into each meal.
• Celebrate your achievement! Don’t forget to congratulate yourself for meeting your goal in a non-food way.

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